Ambulance Services

The Al Hayat International Hospital Ambulance Service has the following key features:

  • Quick and prompt service
  • Experienced and dedicated staff available round the clock
  • Dedicated telephone number for ambulance services
  • Hospitalization at Al Hayat International Hospital or another hospital, as per the patient’s choice
  • Well equipped ambulances with high tech medical and diagnostic equipments
  • Experienced specialists staff to comfort and stabilize the patient

In addition, the Al Hayat International Hospital ambulance service performs the following services:

  • Transportation of injury victims
  • Transportation of patients to the hospital for necessary procedures.
  • Resuscitation procedures
  • Transportation of patients from Muscat region and other regions of the Sultanate of Oman
  • On-duty ambulance staff at various events (competitions, fairs, concerts etc.)

Save Ambulance Number +968 22004001 for any emergency