Privacy Policy

HIH provides acute healthcare services to the population of Oman. It is a secondary care hospital with provision of medical, surgical, obstetrics specialty apart from super specialty services. Patients/ Consumers from different countries also seek healthcare services at AHIH. AHIH follows its community, understanding their health demands and improvising the range of services to be provided. It guides the patients to easily access those services. This enables AHIH to address any special needs of consumers / patients

Patient Care Services

  • Out-Patient Non-Emergency Care is provided by the Outpatient Departments through appointment or walk-in services (7 days a week). The scheduling system is managed by each department according to patient needs or preferences of timing.
  • Emergency Care is provided through Emergency Department for all emergency patients 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.
  • Obstetric & Gynecological Care is provided through the OPD Clinic (first floor) for prenatal and postnatal care. In-patient care is provided through the Delivery Room (located on the 3rd floor) for emergency and delivery care 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.
  • In-Patient Care is provided 7 days per week, 24 hours a day for all elective and emergency admission cases through all specialties available in the hospital. The following specialties are available at AHIH – Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, ENT, Obstetric & Gynecology, Orthopedic & Spine, Dental, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, etc.
  • Operation Theatres
  • Cathlab
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Appointment Scheduling for Visit/ Consultation Policy Statement:

Appointments for specialists’ consultation may be made directly by the patient or a relative, by contacting the Call Center Phone No. 22004000. Relevant registration information such as mobile number & patient’s name will be taken at the time of making the appointment as to identify the patient if new or existing.

Appointments are not normally required for General Practitioners, but may be made upon request by the patient.
A SMS will be sent to the patient’s registered mobile number through HIS as confirmation of appointment.

Patients are requested to reach Front Office Reception 15 minutes before consultation appointment time for completing formalities of Patient Registration & for Creating Visit in HIS.

Registration of New Patient:

Patient will be asked to fill Patient Registration Form & sign General Consent for Treatment. Patient will be requested to submit photo identity proof such as National/ Resident/ Insurance Card or Passport for patient identification purposes. Patient’s visit will be created in HIS after billing & payment.

Registration of Existing Patient:

Existing/ previously registered patient will be tracked in HIS with help of the patient’s registered mobile number and patient’s full name. Patient’s visit will be created in HIS after billing & payment.

Admission Policy Statement:

The patient’s first line of contact is the reception where the patient is verbally screened or visual evaluation to assess if the needed specialty/facility/resources are available in AHIH.

Patients are accepted only if AHIH can provide the necessary services and the appropriate outpatient or inpatient setting for care and treatment.

A more in depth screening is done as a nursing assessment in the triage room before the patient is sent to a specific Outpatient clinic. The screening may be through triage criteria, visual evaluation, a physical examination, or the results of previously conducted physical, clinical laboratory, or diagnostic imaging evaluations.

The process for admitting inpatients to the hospital for care is standardized. Staff are familiar with and follow the standardized process. The process addresses admission for inpatient services directly from Outpatient & emergency departments. Staff will guide the patient throughout the admission process and try to make the admission process as comfortable as possible.

At the time of admission as an inpatient, the patients and their family members are provided the information on the proposed care, the expected outcomes of care and any expected cost to the patient or family for the care when not paid for by an insurance company.

Patients who arrive in an ER may be admitted to the hospital if clinically indicated. They are triaged, stabilized and shifted to higher facilities if the services needed are not available in our hospital.

Discharge Policy Statement:

AHIH has planned effective processes for the discharge of patients from hospital, which meets the needs of the patient, ensures continuity of care and facilitates discharge in a timely manner.

The discharge or transfer will be appropriately planned with the patient and/or their caretaker and the multidisciplinary team. It is actioned in a smooth and timely fashion.

All necessary information about past, present and future care will be communicated clearly to patient and/or to ongoing care providers.

Patient will be provided guidelines for the appropriate use of the discharge instructions form to all healthcare providers involved in patient care during discharge to ensure continuity of care and optimal patient outcomes.

All discharged patients shall be requested to fill in Patient Feedback Form for us to continuously improve services.

Visitor’s Policy Statement:

The number of visitors for a patient will be limited to 2 people at any one time. Those allowed should do hand washing/ hand rub before and after contact with any patient.

Visitors should report to the Nursing Station before entering the patient’s room.

Hospital personnel will instruct visitors about precautions to be taken while visiting or attending patients in isolation. Visitors must wear protective gowns when attending to an infected patient.

Young children, pregnant women, and non-immune visitors will be informed to avoid visiting admitted patients.

Visitors who look ill or with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to visit patients.

All patients, relatives and visitors will be discouraged from bringing outside food into hospitals for patient consumption. However, there may be occasions when it is beneficial to the patient to have specific items of food brought in from an outside source for their consumption. This should only happen with the specific consent of nursing staff.

Attendants are allowed with full immunization status in the general interest of other patients & medical staff.