Discharge Process

What are the procedures involved in discharge and will I get a detailed report of my treatment?

Your primary consultant will brief you on the date of your discharge. A nurse will inform you of the next steps in treatment, providing you with more information about the medication you should take or the next steps in preparing for your surgery. Once briefed, the nurse will hand over all your medical reports including X-rays, MRI scans, and so forth

Generic for Health checks

How frequently is a Health Check-up required?

Frequency of the checkup depends on the individual overall health status. Generally people beyond 40years of age should undergo annual health checks twice a year and below 40 years once a year

I heard about the Master Health Check, how is the PHC different?

The Master Health Check (MHC) is a fixed package whereas Hayat Personalized Health Check (PHC) is a customized plan designed based on your requirement as determined by a Doctor. There will be a base profile of tests in PHC and other tests/consults will customize your package.

When will I get the reports?

Your reports will usually be available either on the evening of the checkup or on the following day and also will depend on the additional tests/consults which are required to customize your package.If the tests are outsources reports might take more time.

How many doctors will I get to meet?

During the entire process, you will meet the General Physician twice, once before the process starts and once when all the test results are available. You may get a consultation with a Surgeon/Gynecologist and other Specialists depending on your requirements

I am suffering from a particular disease, what Health Check would you recommend? Will the PHC cover that?

As a part of the Personalized Health Check you will meet senior doctors who will guide you on the most appropriate course of action on how to treat your existing ailments.

Should I first see a doctor and then go for a Health Check?

Doctor consultation is a part of the Personalized Health Check. The doctor will assess your condition and then refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Is it true that I have to undergo a Health Check only in the morning?

It is preferred to do the checkup in the morning as some tests require fasting. Blood sugar and lipid profile are done generally in these checkups which requires empty stomach.

How can I book an appointment

You can book an appointment and call us at +968 2200 4000 or 95094944 you can also write to us at appointments@alhayatclinic.com


What if I have an insurance coverage which is valid?

Patients with insurance coverage need to wait for the online approval from the insurance company to start the treatment process.

What is Co Payment for patients having Insurance Coverage?

Co Payment is the fixed amount to be paid by the member for consultation. Respective amount will be mentioned on the card. However no excess applicable for consultation during the follow-up period.

What are the different types of rooms available in your hospital?

We have the following categories of rooms available with us, Male and female wards, Normal Rooms, Deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms and presidential suits

Is Ambulance Service available in Al Hayat International Hospital? How can we avail it?

To book the ambulance service you can contact our SPOC Mr Pradeep at +968 94194071

Where can I lodge a complaint regarding the short comings in medical care?

For any kind of medical grievances kindly send an email at medicaldirector@alhayathospital.com

Is homecare facility available at your hospital?

Yes we have 24*7 emergency and home care facility available at Al Hayat International Hospital.

How can I book for Home care Services

To book the home care services kindly contact Mr Pradeep at +968 94194071

Medical Appointments

What type of information I need to provide before booking a medical appointment

It is essential to provide thorough information about your health records, medical history, current medication, and so forth. If you are referred to Al Hayat International Hospitals by another doctor, it is recommended to bring along the contact details of the doctor to your scheduled appointment along with a referral note.

What kind of payment modes are available?

Al Hayat International Hospital accepts all major credit cards; VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, and cheques. The hospital accepts payment for in-patient services in the following currencies: USD, CAD, Euro, Pound Sterling, Omani Riyal, UAE Dirham, Kuwait Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollars, and others. Additionally, you can use our online payment gateway to securely and conveniently pay your bills.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment and call us at +968 2200 4000 or 95094944 you can also write to us at appointments@alhayatclinic.com