Quality Policy

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Policy


Al Hayat International Hospital works on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Program aiming “Quality Care without Compromise”.

Our patients deserve care that is accessible, effective, efficient, safe and centered on their needs, that is what quality means to us. Quality Improvement is a process of systematically evaluating functions, processes and outcomes to ensure excellence in quality healthcare. These performance improvement activities occur not only to ensure quality of care but also to continuously improve care and to enhance patient safety.

Our Quality Improvement and Patient Safety program organizes and integrates quality improvement and patient safety activities into a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that focuses on a process of ongoing monitoring and evaluation, facilitating the delivery of excellent patient care.

The program provides the framework for the planned, systematic organization-wide approach to planning, designing, measuring, assessing, and improving processes, systems, and outcomes.

Patient’s Privacy& Confidentiality of Care and Information Policy

Al Hayat International Hospital (AHIH) recognizes the individual’s right to privacy& Confidentiality in relation to his/her care &medical record and to the protection of all information contained therein, written or electronic.AHIH is committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patient’s personal information.Patients are also informed about when and under what circumstances information may be released and how their permission will be obtained.