Pediatric Department

Pediatric Department
Patient Population

The patient population served by Pediatric department is Children up to 18 years of age.

Pediatric Outpatient Clinics

Pediatric clinics are covered by specialists in conjunction with the excellent services of Radiology & Laboratory consultants and staff round the clock every day.

Pediatric In Patient Ward

Pediatric ward for inpatient care, with trained pediatric nurses looking after sick children in standard private patient modern rooms specialty designed and decorated for children, in a friendly atmosphere, the ward has its own well equipped procedure theatre and resuscitation facilities.
Patients are under the care of pediatric specialists.

SCBU Department

Handles all problems of newly born especially premature babies.
Also full term babies with respiratory, cardiac, surgical and all other medical problems.
The SCBU is equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed with Pediatric Consultant & Specialist 24 hours a day supported by a team of highly specialized nurses & support services including X-ray department and laboratory department.

List of procedures done in Pediatric Department
  • Vaccination
  • Nebulization