Scope of Service
Our services are covering hospital-wide and it includes the following sections
  • Document Control Section
  • Internal Quality Audit Section
  • Committee Section
  • Statistics & Data Analysis Section
The Department is in charge of
  • Document control section is responsible for initiating all documents in relation to the hospital quality management system, also all updates and changes in relation to the documents of the system
  • The department co-works with the General Manager/Director of Operations in overviewing the committee functions and its follow-up.
  • By default in charge of the risk management of the organization & this includes:
    1. Related hospital indicators
    2. Related processes of Occurrence Variance Reporting (OVR)
    3. Sentinel events (RCA)
    4. Customer satisfaction questionnaires
    5. Regular internal audits of the hospital
    6. Reviewing patients’ complaints on monthly basis.
    7. Comprises Performance Improvement for all departments/units/centres services organizational-wide, covers all staff &processes use to treat & manage patients.