Admission & Discharge Office

Admission & Discharge Office
Admission procedure

Admission of the patients is executed through the admission office and is initiated after the treating physician orders for hospitalization and treatment of the patient through the speciality outpatient clinics.
After the hospitalization order, the patient moves to the admission office where necessary documentation and finalizing of the patient’s admission is accomplished and the patient is transferred to the assigned unit where the nursing station takes over and guides the patient’s transfer to the room.

During the stay

Fully equipped rooms, finest food services, experienced housekeeping & maintenance services, specialized nursing care through qualified & well-trained nurses and the best medical care through our highly qualified doctors is provided to the patient during his/her stay in the hospital.

Discharge Course

The discharge process as well is initiated after the treating physician’s discharge order. The relative or the escort gets the discharge permit from the In-patient accounting department and the patient goes home with the discharge medicines and follow-up appointment.