Outpatient Pharmacy

Out-Patient Pharmacy dispenses medications to Out-patient clinics and insurance companies.

  • One of the most important pharmacy objective is to educate patients and instruct them how to use medications, provide information about side effects, drug-drug, drug-food interactions (provide excellent patient counseling)
  • We have very organized process by which the patient firstly will give the prescription to the reception office, and then he will have a ticket waiting number, to facilitate providing best patient counseling.
  • Then after the prescription is ready, pharmacist will enter all medications in the computer system and review all patient profile then medication label is generated, pharmacist will give full instruction to the patient about medication usage and precautions to follow to provide best
  • To evaluate and dispense medicines for AHIH Doctor’s prescriptions ( proper queue system)
  • To educate and instruct patients – provide excellent patient counseling
  • To dispense control medicines as per MOH standard.
  • Arrange & transfer medicines for AHIH—IP/ER/ ICU/OT
  • To procure and supply for Corporate clinics
  • To dispense medicines for Corporate prescriptions.
  • To register and dispense medicines for prescriptions from other hospital & clinics
In-Patient Pharmacy

In-patient pharmacy plays a very important and effective rule to ensure the continuity of care and continuity to provide best pharmaceutical care service for the In-patients.

Through the Following
  • Provide patient education to the patients or their relatives about drug dosages and usage, instructing from about precautions and side effect of their medications.
  • Performing regular inspection for all emergency medications located in the emergency department and all nursing units and critical care areas.
  • Preparing IV-admixture to ensure providing Sterile IV-Medication to the patients.
  • Drug information center
  • Drug delivery system to all In-patient Units to ensure best services to our patient.
  • All these services are provided for 24 hrs. A day, 7 days a week
  • To arrange medicines for I.P as per mar card
  • To check dosage,label,sign and deliver to I.P
  • Perform regular inspection of all emergency medications/ crash cart medicines.
  • To check storage conditions of IP medicines
  • Preparing I.V solutions in co-ordination with nursing staff.
  • Drug information & delivery system.